In this time of crisis, we entrepreneurs and managers, have a lot to do and to think about. We have our projects and our employees at heart and despite the difficult conditions that greatly affect us, we must redouble our efforts to ensure the sustainability of the services and jobs of our organization. With a small team, this can be a huge challenge.

In collaboration with Service Quebec, which subsidizes a portion of our interventions, we could help you put in place measures, procedures, strategies and plans in order to help you not only get through the crisis, and prepare your business to face this  “new normal”.

Here’s where we add value :

– Implementation of employee protective measures

– HR management Support throughout the Covid-19 crisis

– A contingency and HR recovery plan to resume activities post Covid

– Optimization strategies to capitalize on essential talent and skills

– Recruitment support

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to support you.

The Perles RH team.


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