Our expertise in

Strategic support

Recruiting the right candidates is a major challenge and ensuring its retention is another!

Competition between companies to attract and retain the best employees has never been more present. This is why we offer strategic talent acquisition interventions that will help you diagnose and develop a plan that reflects your reality and your vision for growth. These interventions have one objective: to achieve sustainable results.

Development and alignment of Human Resources strategies

The strategy we offer includes a diagnosis of your HR actions in order to define and implement best practices, while respecting the DNA of your company. Our objective is to ensure there’s an alignment between your HR practices and your business strategies, as well as lighten the HR workload for executives.

The benefits of our intervention:

  • Develop and put in place HR strategies to support your global business objectives
  • Accompany and coach managers on the various challenges associated with human resources

Employer brand management

The goal of employer branding is to mobilize your actual staff while improving the attractiveness of the company with the sought-after talents. Perles RH will assist you in developing or improving your employer brand strategy and define it, solidify it and promote it to mobilize and attract the best potential candidates.

The benefits of our intervention:

  • Stronger mobilization within your teams
  • Develop, solidify and publicize your employer brand strategies in order to attract the best potential candidates
  • Assess your current employer brand through surveys, meetings and focus groups
Stratégie en acquisition de talents

Talent acquisition strategies

What if it wasn’t just the labor shortage that was bothering you! Are your talent acquisition processes really aligned with your goals and overall business vision? It’s time to diagnose it in order to take the right actions!

The benefits of our intervention:

  • Achieve your business objectives
  • Increase the efficiency of your talent acquisition processes
  • Align your HR plan and manpower demands with the long-term recruitment needs


At the strat of each headhunting mandate, we develop a precise strategy based on the targeted persona type to ensure that all avenues of recruitment will be covered, i.e. a global mapping of the market to identify all potential candidates for the position.

Our headhunting specialists will find you the rare Gems on the market and present you with quality candidates who will meet your exact needs.