• You want to benefit from instant HR advice to help you manage day to day concerns with your precious employees?
  • You would like to dedicate yourself solely to the management of your business operations?
  • You have HR projects that get delayed or that never end due to lack of resources or work overload?
  • You have many positions to fill and you don’t know where to start?
  • You want to ensure employee well being at the heart of your operations?


Our team is able to adapt to your needs and your reality. With only a few hours a month, we will be able to help you bounce back all while letting you put your energy where it matters!

To do this successfully, we propose an À LA CARTE solution, in a monthly package format, allowing you to take advantage of our preferential rates from day 1!

Why do business with us by opting for this solution?

You will have access to quick advice, in real time with one phone call

We will ensure that your most precious resources will be taken care of

We are available to support you at any moment

You can focus on your objectives and deliver on your projects!

Business leader or entrepreneur

You’re a business leader or entrepreneur who believes the management of human resources is important, but you do not possess all of the concepts or the time necessary to handle it like you should? You would also like to be guided in your HR business decisions?

  • We are only one call away to assist you in ambiguous situations related to the management of human resources;
  • We optimize or supply HR templates in order to make you as independent as possible (policies, job contract, interview guides, performance evaluation, employee manual and much more);
  • We take control of the tasks that are taking up time in order to let you dedicate yourself to the growth of your business;
  • We can take charge of your recruitment needs, put forward strategies to ensure you find the right candidates and flourish as a first-rate employer;
  • And much more!
HR professional within a SMB

You’re a HR professional within a SMB, you’re overloaded with work that prevents you from delivering business projects on time, you wish you could split yourself in two, or have access to a colleague?

  • We will support you in your daily operations to lighten the load and to allow you to obtain your business objectives;
  • We take charge, fully or partially, of the talent acquisition process;
  • We will support you in the revision or updating of your HR tools in order to make them as optimal as possible;
  • We will collaborate with you on diverse projects such as: your employer brand, your talent attraction strategy,  the mobilization and the retention of your resources;
  • We can support your managers through a coaching formula to develop their managerial skills;
  • And much more!
HR director within a medium to large size company

You’re a HR director within a medium to large size company, your team in place is maxed out and you have important projects to deliver, meanwhile work overload prevents you from advancing? You are temporarily missing an employee following a departure or absence?

  • We offer you the “intermittent” service that you need to meet your challenges;
  • We will assist you in diverse operational tasks to allow you to deliver your HR projects on time;
  • We will integrate ourselves into your team to lend a hand in busy times;
  • We will participate in panel discussions in order to exchange on the best HR practices;
  • And much more!

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